1. Create a project

You can make one or more projects.
Every project will realize a single time-lapse video.
eg. a day by day time-lapse or a make-up time-lapse.

2. The first photo

Add the first photo.
Important: use always the same device and orientation for a project.
If you start making photo with an iphone 6. Use alwayt that smartphone for the project.

2. Add next photo using helps

Starting from the second photo you can use some helps to make photos more closed to the previus.
Don't mattar to make wrong photos you can always delete them.

3. Export your animated gif

You can export your project as an animated gif and share it.
After exporting a project you can continue add more photos and export the project again.

4. Tips for better results

Try to schedule the photos with the same interval of time, ex.: every day/week/month or year.
Make the photos with similar lites and backgrounds.